How It Works

SoftPro Essential streamlines the closing and title process. You enter data (such as sales price, buyer's name, etc.) only once and SoftPro Essential does the rest. It performs all the calculations in real time including taxes, payoffs, commissions, title insurance premiums, and all prorations. When you choose the documents you need to print, the data transfers to the appropriate locations on the documents.

SoftPro Essential includes many features to save you time

Unmatched Service & Support

SoftPro's Customer Service and Support is unmatched in the industry. In fact, SoftPro has received an American Business Award every year since 1997 for Outstanding Customer Service, Support and Product Development. We are here when you have questions or need help solving a problem.

Accessible in SoftPro Essential through SoftPro 360

TitleWave Fidelity's online title search order and retrieval system, TitleWave, is available through SoftPro 360. This integration allows users to directly order and retrieve TitleWave search products, including documents, notes and invoices, without leaving the ProForm platform. For no additional cost, SoftPro 360 users are now enabled to have one-stop shopping for the States, Counties and Products where TitleWave is available.

agentTRAX Connect to Fidelity National Title Group's agentTRAX system to generate policy jackets and CPLs and auto-report gross premiums to Fidelity National Title Group's Agency Accounting Department. By minimizing the need to work across systems, this integration provides agents a valuable tool that eliminates the need to re-key data, simplifying and streamlining their day-to-day operations.